Video Editing

Over the last five years, I’ve crafted entertaining videos for Twitch streamers, amusing behind-the-scenes videos for a financial media company, and a full roster of humorous educational videos for a rental property course.

I’m a versatile editor and I love crafting videos that cause people to spontaneously erupt in laughter, pause and think deeper, or reminisce about good times had in games. My tools of choice are Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, and After Effects.

If you’re a Twitch streamer who wishes they had a hilarious highlight reel to show viewers, or a YouTube creator who struggles to create succinct yet comprehensive and attention-grabbing videos, click here for my related work.

If you’re an educator looking for polished videos that are 10x more exciting to watch than recycled PowerPoint slides, click here for my related work.

YouTube/Twitch Video Showcase

Whether I’m reviewing hours or years of content, I use my carefully honed editorial judgment to cut through long streams and bring viewers the stand-out content they love, with less viewing time required. Stitching together highlight videos requires figuring out a narrative arc, and watching it take shape during the editing process is a joy. It’s kind of like experimenting with code for hours on end and everything finally coming together, despite you having no knowledge of how.

Note: these are not family-friendly videos – there’s a lot of cursing. Please listen with headphones on. =)

One of the top watched videos on this channel.

Highlights compiled from Twitch clips that spanned over 6 years of content.

Highlights compiled from Twitch clips that spanned over 3 years of content.

Highlights taken from three different streams.

Highlights taken from two different streams.

Just for fun, and it’s family-friendly.

Educational Video Showcase

All of the videos below were storyboarded and edited by me. For each, I created custom slides and took great care in selecting the best images and b-roll to enhance concepts and learning for students.

With educational videos, my goal is to present you with a polished video that flows well and keeps the attention of students, even when they’re tempted by ice cream, Netflix, or cat cuddles. Dry content is not allowed.

Lesson video taken from Welcome module explaining course content.

Lesson video taken from Building Your Team course module.

An FAQ video for a real estate course, targeted towards potential students.

An FAQ video for a real estate course that explains the course content and structure.

An entertaining real estate income report.