Hello from your friendly neighborhood online course strategist

I created digital courses the hard way.

It was 2015.


I had spent the entire year building my budding freelance writing and virtual assistant business. I had also probably said yes to too many projects. Handling 15+ clients had become a precarious balancing act.


My business has become my life.

Sensing this, two of my clients got together and asked me to ditch the overwhelm and work full-time for them. They wanted to create and launch online courses. From scratch, with zero prior experience. Oh, and there was a tight deadline as one course was pre-sold.

Hmm, sounds like an interesting challenge, the younger-and-infinitely-more-naive version of myself said. 

Over the next month, I...

  • Taught myself how to edit videos (with b-roll and custom slides),
  • Whipped up resources like spreadsheets, checklists, and PDFs,
  • Created dozens of lessons, complete with .mp3 files, stylized PDF transcripts, and videos with b-roll, custom slides, sound effects, and talking head segments,
  • Onboarded bright-eyed students who had lots of questions,
  • Learned how to communicate effectively and set expectations with those students, and 
  • Cultivated beautiful communities within those courses. 


Yes, this all happened within two to four weeks.


Doesn’t that sound tiring?


Yeah… I don’t recommend rushing your course.

And you don’t have to, because there are simpler, more intentional ways to create a digital course.
I want to make education more accessible by helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs create meaningful digital courses.

That’s why we’re here.


You want to learn how to avoid expensive pitfalls and mistakes that cause many course creators to bleed time, energy, and money. 


I want to teach you how to think strategically about creating your digital course so you can cut through the noise in your head and take action quicker.


Sounds like a win-win, right?

Sure, you can take a course to learn what you need to know, but...

Many online courses fall short because offering highly-personalized support isn’t scalable.

Don’t get me wrong — some of these courses are amazing and I’m glad they exist. For the hardcore DIY crowd, they’re perfect.

But what about people who need a little extra support? Like people who are completely lost on tech? Or people who want reassurance that they’re doing things right?

Then working one-on-one with someone who’s been there, who can guide you through the steps and tell you exactly what to focus on and when, is more efficient.

a keyboard and yellow sticky notes sitting on top of a light wooden desk

Also, let's be honest: you probably don't need another course.

There’s a huge pattern among online business owners: they snatch up course after course after course hoping that this one will be the one that holds aaaallll the secrets to their problems and they promise themselves they’ll take action after they learn this one thing aaaaaannd…

the cycle repeats.

And repeats.

And repeats.

I know because I’ve been there.

Way back in 2013, despite having a blog people enjoyed reading, I took course after course on freelance writing. I told myself I needed to learn more before I could officially put myself out there and get paid.

Months later, I hired a writing coach who told me 1) I was being silly, 2) obviously I can write, and 3) I deserve to get paid for my writing.

Suddenly, it all clicked. 

Fear and self-doubt manifested as procrastination in the form of learning.
Why do you think courses and other resources are so compelling?
It’s because we think the answer we need is somewhere, and we convince ourselves that a course must hold the secrets.
There are no secrets.
The answers are inside of you.
We’re so afraid to look inward that we ignore the wisdom we already possess. We look to external sources to give us the answers, and yet, never feel ready to make the leap.
I love learning as much as the next person (it’s one of my core values), but when we use it as a crutch to stay small, it doesn’t serve us.

Working with a coach gave me results in weeks. Not months.

I spent both time and money chasing the results online courses promised. And while I learned a thing or two along the way, none of that knowledge moved the needle.


You know what did?


Taking action.


After speaking with a writing coach, I had a newfound sense of confidence and a plan. Within weeks, I landed three clients, and my business took off from there.


Imagine if I had hired a coach from the beginning. It would have saved me so much time, and a whole lot of pain. 


That brings us back to you.


I know how daunting a digital course seems. But with the right kind of help, the path becomes crystal clear.

So if you’re an (aspiring) digital course creator who feels:

  • Overwhelmed by all the moving parts of an online course
  • Time-constrained because you’re also trying to run a business
  • Alone on your journey because no one else understands what you’re trying to do
  • Frustrated by all the seemingly complicated tech aspects of online courses


You need an empathetic ear and a strategic mind to guide you on this journey. 


Whether we talk just enough to get you going or we work together on a monthly basis, I want to support you in creating the online course you have inside you. The world needs your knowledge. And I refuse to let you give up on yourself. 


Is creating an online course a walk in the park?




But you also don’t have to make it harder on yourself by cobbling bits and pieces together from podcasts, courses, articles, and social media. 


Instead, leverage my years of experience and knowledge to fast-track your way to course success.

Areas Of Specialty

Video editing

I edit educational videos for courses as well as entertaining videos for YouTube. I've been told I have great comedic timing, and I know when to infuse fun and when to focus on the material.

audio editing

Editing video meant I needed to get comfortable editing audio. I do both in Adobe Premier. I served as a back-up podcast editor for an award-winning show.

email marketing

ConvertKit is my jam: tagging, segmenting, link triggers, visual automations, forms, countdown timers, and communicating in a clear and casual voice (with gifs). I don't shy away from any of the tech stuff.


I love blending psychology and writing and infusing pieces with personality. I can turn "dull, boring, what does this mean for me?" content into "wow, you just read my mind!" content.

customer experience

Students are my north star of online courses. When you place them at the center of everything you do, making the right decisions becomes way easier. Authenticity and transparency are key.

user experience

How often do you pay attention to how it feels for your students to go through your course? Stepping into their shoes and looking at your course UI/UX makes a huge difference in completion rates.

Do our values match up? Then we're a good fit.


You're curious. You like to think things through. You have lots of questions, and find it fun to be challenged (in a kind way).


You show up on time. You have everything in your calendar (which you review often). You don't mind confirming meetings.


You love planning ahead. You thrive when you know what's coming up. You enjoy working within structures and deadlines.


You're generous. You're empathetic. You're committed to serving your audience and those who need your knowledge. You just care.


You love checklists and you're task-oriented. You keep your word on getting things done. Your "why" is bigger than your fear.


While you're all for experimenting, you want to do most things intentionally, with purpose and meaning. You play the long-game.

Let's get a little personal...

Now that we have the heavier stuff out of the way, here’s the fun stuff:
  • I’m a total nerd. Besides being formerly obsessed with personal finance, I also enjoy D&D, video games, board games, fantasy novels, and spreadsheets.
  • I’m a coffee enthusiast and make it a point to visit coffee shops whenever I travel. I’m that person who pays attention to flavor notes. My favorite brew method is the Aeropress, though making cold brew is a close second.
  • I love talking business. I could do it all day…which I do. And you get to benefit! For real, nothing lights me up like workshopping ideas and helping people overcome perceived obstacles.
  • I’m an animal lover. At one point, I had a blind dog, deaf cat, and two “normal” cats in one house. (I can’t say no.) Somehow, they all tolerated each other.
  • I like to explore nature. Living in a city means nature is somewhat of a luxury. Whether it’s going to a park or hitting a trail, I love reconnecting with the silence and greenery that nature provides.
  • I’m a hobbyist photographer. Ever since I was young, I’ve been fascinated with photography and imagery. I love taking photos of pets and landscapes the most. It forces me to look at the world from a different lens. (Oh yeah, I like awful puns, too.)